Born in Koper, in a small country named Slovenia. In 1975.

Her home is a nature which surrounds her. She likes being among positive-minded people, with whom she wishes to share her experiences and her personal view of this truly beautiful world as she perceives it through the lens.

She travels the world, preferably in her »mobile workshop«; accompanied by her family – babies Ajda and Tristan and husband Silvo, she goes everywhere, through the desert, over the stones, across the river...and there she creates. The deeper the experiences she gathers on her travels across the world, the bigger her curiosity, which keeps taking her away from home time again.

Nevertheless, the saying »There's no place like home« holds very true for Anja Čop. Working in her home surroundings is what she enjoys the most.

In her publications, numerous exhibitions and broadcasts, she wishes to present all the beauty and diversity, which is there for any of us to discover.

All we need is to observe the world with more attention and to learn to look in order to see.

Enjoy her photographs!

The main target of her photographic work are especially photographic books, for which she is making an excellent job, in all aspects. A collection of photos make for a new edition is complete, made from the air, under the water and travelling all around the land.

Photographic products, which give her a lot of satisfaction, except photographic books, are also publications into

  • Magazines, like travel magazines, naturalistic magazines, National Geographic magazine etc.,
  • Calendars,
  • Posters,
  • Brochures,
  • and exhibitions.

Samples of all mentioned products you can see on this web-page, so let's search it and see how many beautiful pictures are there.

She is looking for a new opportunities, new markets, new releases for her work. Day by day she is trying to make progress, to improve herself and her work.

For more info please contact me with the form. You can also reach me:

  • via telephone 00386 41 345 860 or,
  • email: