Walk across the Libyan Sahara

Once upon a time there were Touaregs who took this trip, walking with their herd of camels. They just walk and wolk, from north to south, they loaded the herd and went to the best buyer of their goods somewhere on the other side of the desert. In the same way, just walking, but without the camel, we traveled along Libya as well ...
On the first day of the New Year, we had to return home.

Silvo and me, we both took off our Touaregs scarfs and, when looking at each other, start to laugh. We both had indigo color on our face and so become members of the tribe of "blue people – wise man".

The story was published in several magazines:

  • Travel and Style, Autumn 2010
  • World and people, April 2011
  • pHarmony, second trimester / 2012