Iceland, the island of fire and ice

Iceland, which is the second-largest European island, overlays much of surface with the ice. But under it, is constantly boiling. The Earth's magma it’s moving all the time and searches for the way to the surface where it encounters powerful glaciers. At the foot of glaciers and volcanoes, there lives Trolls, invisible to our eyes and beautiful autochthonous animals, Icelandic horses and polar birds Puffins.

In Iceland, we spent the whole summer, we traveled it over and over, from the water and from the air.

Only in this way it was possible to made a full story of the entire and so diverse country, which was published in several different magazines:

  • Travel for two, Zagreb, Croatia, summer 2012
  • pHarmony, March 2012
  • World and people, November 2010
  • World and people, June 2011